*** There are more freshmEn at Clemson University than tigers left in the wild.  

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Tiger Awareness Week

Fall 2020

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Tiger Awareness Week

Tiger Awareness Week was held the week of November 2019 and included events like the annual Wing Eating Competition, a club movie night, a Profit Share night, a bake sale, and Conservation Speakers!

Thank you to everyone who helped and contributed throughout the week!

Celebrating 20 Years of Clemson T4T!

Clemson Tigers for Tigers was started in the fall of 1997, which ​made 2017 the 20th anniversary! This organization has come so far in conservation efforts and raising awareness around campus. To celebrate, Tigers for Tigers put on a tailgate with an invitation extended to alumni in order to express thanks for all of the past members and contributors. It was a tailgate for the Clemson vs. Auburn football game, where Clemson pulled out another win. There were many members past and present as well as some alumni from the RIT Tigers for Tigers organization. More on the history is located under the "About Us" tab.


The Tigers for Tigers tailgate was featured on Pete Stone's "Clemson vs. Auburn -- Who's Got the Nicest Tailgating?" video and begins around 5:09. You can check out the video to the right.

Clemson T4T and RIT T4t Alumni

"As a Clemson Family, let's get ALL IN to save our mascot

from extinction."

-Dabo Swinney

"One of the things I love about T4T is that it's unlike other organizations. We are a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, brought together by our love for tigers." 

     -Kelly Ryan,Clemson T4T