Tigers for Tigers is dedicated to preserving tigers through education, research, and service learning on local and global levels.

 Our goals are to increase awareness and interest in tiger-range countries and enhance Clemson University’s reputation for social responsibility and public service. The tiger is a powerful, unifying symbol for thousands of Clemson students, alumni, staff, and friends. Its roar is heard at sporting events, and its paw prints line the highways to campus. Clemson has a tremendous amount of pride for our mascot, and we want to extend our efforts to save the endangered tiger in the wild.


"T4T has given me a reach into the world of conservation and a chance to work with other students at universities that would normally be rivals." 

      -Maxton Shaw, Clemson T4T

Club member, Kyle Caldwell, dresses as the poacher and chases the tiger cub around for the tiger skit during Tiger Awareness Week. 

Clemson T4T members spend a weekend volunteering at Carolina Tiger Rescue in North Carolina. 

Fourteen club members spent the first week of their winter break volunterring at Big Cat Rescue in Florida.