Even though college doesn't last forever, you're part of our T4T family for life! We're proud of everything out former members go on to do and want to share their success. Check out what some of our alumni are getting up to now that they have their degrees and learn about how T4T helped prepare them for their current work.

Madeleine, Class of 2016 and Former President

Madeleine McMillan was the president of T4T in 2015-2016. She is now at Duke University pursuing a master's degree in Environmental Management with a concentration in Ecosystem Science and Conservation. For her master's project, Madeleine is working with the non-profit organization, WildTrack, to develop a footprint identification method that will allow researchers to definitively distinguish red wolf footprints from coyote footprints. This technology will allow researchers to better monitor the dwindling wild populations of red wolves in North Carolina and will assist in wolf conservation efforts. While at Duke, Madeleine has also helped students at NC State establish a Wolves for Wolves club to advocate for red wolf conservation.