Travel to India

In past years Tigers For Tigers has helped sponsor a spring break trip to India so that club members and other students can learn about conservation firsthand, and see tigers in the wild. This trip has been led by our wonderful advisor David Tonkyn with the goal being to introduce students to the origins, status and future of India’s biological and cultural diversity through lectures, readings, discussions and a 13 day trip to India over spring break.  India is at one of the biological and cultural crossroads of Asia, and the influences of western deserts, northern highlands and eastern rainforests are clear in the plants and animals, and in the architecture, cuisine, languages, and religion of this extraordinary country. Holding 1/12th of the world’s plants and mammals, 1/8th of the world’s birds, and 1/4th of the world’s cats. Students will observe this diversity firsthand while visiting World Heritage cultural sites such as the Taj Mahal as well as world famous tiger reserves.

Due to changes in the Study Abroad office's requirements for students getting credit studying over spring break trips, we are currently unable to offer this trip as in past years. We are working on reworking the course to get students back to India and will share any information we have about potential trips as soon as its available to us. Please reach out to us if you'd like any advice about traveling to India to learn more about on the ground tiger conservation.


Photo Credit: Kelly Ryan, Clemson T4T President; She captured this amazing moment while on the trip to India. 

Students visiting the Taj Mahal on the most recent trip to India. Photo Credit: Indrajit Latey

A wild tiger crosses the path while students ride in open-top safari jeeps and exlpore many National Tiger Reserves.

A group of students made a video from the 2016 trip to India.


T4T partners with many organizations in order to help protect our mascot. Because T4T has such ambitious and passionate members, they are often able to get internships based on their experiences and knowledge from T4T. We have had interns at the National Wildlife Refuges, Philadelphia Zoo, Greenville Zoo, and Big Cat Rescue. Learn more about some of their amazing experiences: 


Sierra Hoisington, Okefenokee: 



Diane Dotson, Big Cat Rescue: 


Club member, Emily Church, handling a hedgehog at her internship at the Philadelpha Zoo.

Former Design Chair, Sierra Hoisington, shows off her incredible summer internship at Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. 

Former Vice President, Diane Dotson, helps move a leopard at Big Cat Rescue to vacation rotation. 

"T4T has encouraged me to pursue my passion of working with animals."

      -Emily Church, Clemson T4T

Looking for Internship Opportunities? Then check out these sanctuaries and their application processes: 

  • Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL: 

  • Carolina Tiger Rescue in Pittsboro, NC:


An easy way to get involved with tiger conservation is to become an advocate. Whether it be online, meeting with representatives, or volunteering, students can make a big difference. At T4T, we pride ourselves on shaping the future leaders in conservation. By sending students to Washington D.C., conservation and animal welfare conferences, and more, T4T gives students all the resources they need to speak up for our mascot. 

Former President, Taylor Tench, and former Vice President, Diane Dotson, meet with South Carolina senator, Tim Scott about saving our mascot. 

Alabama and Clemson students participate in our online advocacy campaign during the National Championship game in 2016.